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Could Converter Domination Lead to Better Voltage Stability in AC Power Transmission?
Dong Chen the National HVDC Centre, UK
P /P1 03 Nov 2022, 10:00-10:30
PUBLIC Keynote speech
Inertia-frequency "Cloud-Grid-Edge-Terminal" Perception and Control for Modern Electrical Power Systems
JieBei Zhu Tianjin University
P /P1 03 Nov 2022, 09:30-10:00
PUBLIC Keynote speech
Magnetohydrodynamic instability in nanosecond electrically exploding wires
Kun Wang Hebei University of Technology
P /P2 03 Nov 2022, 17:00-17:20
PUBLIC Keynote speech
Damage mechanism of wind turbine blade by lightning and the high frequency electromagnetic effect
Li Zhang Shandong University
P /P2 03 Nov 2022, 16:40-17:00
PUBLIC Keynote speech
Recent Progress in Investigations on Insulation Characteristics of GIS Under Very Fast Transient Overvoltage
Tao Wen School of Electrical and Automation Engineering, Hefei University of Technology
P /P2 03 Nov 2022, 15:30-15:50
PUBLIC Keynote speech
Simulation and Experimental Study of Wireless Power Supply Suspension System by Using HTS Coils
Yujia Zhai Department Deputy De Hunan University
P /P2 03 Nov 2022, 16:20-16:40
PUBLIC Keynote speech
The Research on development of LTS and HTS CICC for Fusion Reactor
Jinggang Qin Institute of Plasma Physics, CAS
P /P2 03 Nov 2022, 15:10-15:30
PUBLIC Keynote speech
Nanocrystalline soft magnetic ribbon in power electronics applications
Zhichao Luo University of Cambridge
P /P2 03 Nov 2022, 14:50-15:10
PUBLIC Keynote speech
DC Solid State Transformer Based on Series-connected SiC MOSFETs
Shuai Shao Zhejiang University
P /P2 03 Nov 2022, 14:30-14:50
PUBLIC Keynote speech
Implementation of Loss Surface Hysteresis Model for Iron Loss Calculation of A Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Wei Li Tongji University
P /P2 03 Nov 2022, 16:00-16:20
PUBLIC Keynote speech
Emerging Technologies for Electric Vehicles
Chaoqiang Jiang City University of Hong Kong
P /P1 03 Nov 2022, 11:40-12:00
PUBLIC Keynote speech
Power Electronics for Large-Scale Renewable Energy Generation
Yongheng Yang Zhejiang University
P /P1 03 Nov 2022, 11:20-11:40
PUBLIC Keynote speech
High voltage ride-through of flexible interconnected devices
Jingjing Huang Xi'an Jiaotong University
P /P1 03 Nov 2022, 11:00-11:20
PUBLIC Keynote speech
Distributed Optimal Control of Energy Storages in a DC Microgrid with Communication Delay
Xia Chen Huazhong University of Science and Technology
P /P1 03 Nov 2022, 10:40-11:00
PUBLIC Keynote speech
A review of research on transmission and distribution pricing mechanisms under the background of energy transition and its impact
zhi zhang chongqing university
PS /PS1 04 Nov 2022, 10:54-11:06
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