Oral session

1. Preparing your Oral presentation:


      Oral presentation requires a maximum 15 minutes presentation video.

      We recommend the 4:3 format for better screen showing, and the 16:9 format is acceptable as well.

      Download Oral PPT template and instruction here: CIYCEE2022 Oral Templater.pptx


2. Create your presentation video:


      An excellent tool to create a presentation video is the Office PowerPoint. and the video can be made by other tools as well. The video must be uploaded in MP4 format.

      Use a good microphone in a room without echoes, ensuring the recording sound is clear and loud enough.

      The main window should be used for playing the presentation video, while the personal face should appear in a sub-window.

      The video quality should be good enough for screen showing. A resolution of 720P or higher is recommended.

      The size of the video file should be kept under 70MB. Otherwise, streaming speed for viewers will be slow.


3. Upload your video and other materials


      The author can log in to his account on the official website to upload video and other materials. Deadline for uploading presentation materials is Oct 15th, 2022.

      The name of the uploaded zip file and the videos and other materials therein MUST be the Paper ID"xxx.rar." , "xxx.mp4","xxx.pdf," etc.

      Re-uploads of new versions are allowed until the deadline, while old versions will be replaced.

      The uploaded materials are protected and can be viewed only by the registered participants. The registered participants are required to comply with the confidential regulations about using the materials. Any misuse of the materials by any individual participant will be in breach of copyright law, and the consequence will be out of the responsibility of the conference organizer.


4. Other Information


      Please also refer to the CIYCEE website program schedule for the live component of each session scheduled during the progress of the conference. After playing ​the presentation video, the author needs to be online to answer questions. The program schedule will be announced later on the official website. 


Note: Accepted paper without video presentation will be considered as absent in the virtual conference, and the paper will be removed from the conference proceedings without refund.

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