Timetable of 2022 IEEE 3rd China International Youth Conference on Electrical Engineering


Day 3,Nov. 05, 2022Saturday


Oral Session 20@High Voltage and Insulation Technology

2022-11-05 08:30 ~ 10:10

Tencent Conference Enter meeting room

Timetable V5 Updated:2022-11-02 17:56:01

Start End Duration ID Title
08:30 08:50 20 99
Study on the Effect of NiO Addition on the Current Carrying Performance of ZnO varistors
Zhiyao Fu engineer/State Grid Hunan Electric Power Company Disaster Prevention and Reduction Center
Oral Presentation
08:50 09:10 20 100
Insulation Performance Analysis of Composite Insulator with Embedded Coils for Wireless Power Transfer
Jing Xiao/Southern Power Grid Corporation Wireless Power Transmission Joint Laboratory Guangxi Power Grid Co., Ltd
Oral Presentation
09:10 09:30 20 98
Oral Presentation
09:30 09:50 20 97
Electronic Structure of a Co-Doped ZnO [0001] (1230)Σ=7 Grain Boundary
XIAOXUAN ZHANG/Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Oral Presentation
09:50 10:10 20 183
Separation Method of Submarine Cable Fault Vibration Signals Based on EEMD-SVD-JADE
Rong Xia/China Electric Power Research Institute Co., Ltd
Oral Presentation
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